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10kW Marine Generator powered by Yanmar Engine, Providing Continuous and Reliable Power for Your Vessel

July 13, 2023

Latest company news about 10kW Marine Generator powered by Yanmar Engine, Providing Continuous and Reliable Power for Your Vessel


10kW marine generator


The 10kW Marine Generator featuring the Yanmar 3TNV88-GGE engine. This compact and reliable marine generator offers exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and versatility for various marine applications.


The key features and advantages of the 10kW Marine Generator are as follows:


1. Yanmar 3TNV88-GGE Engine:
The generator is powered by the renowned Yanmar 3TNV88-GGE engine, known for its exceptional reliability and durability. The engine's advanced design ensures smooth and efficient operation, delivering reliable power to marine vessels.


2. Fuel Efficiency:
The 10kW Marine Generator is designed to optimize fuel consumption without compromising power output. The Yanmar engine, coupled with advanced fuel injection technology, ensures exceptional fuel efficiency, allowing for extended operation without frequent refueling.


3. Compact Size and Space-Saving Design:
Hosem Power understands the importance of space utilization on marine vessels. The 10kW Marine Generator is engineered with a compact and space-saving design, overall dimension is 1280X600X910 (mm)(LXWXH) allowing for easy installation in vessels with limited space. Its compact size ensures minimal impact on the overall layout while delivering maximum power output.


4. Quiet and Vibration-Free Operation:
Noise and vibrations can be significant concerns on marine vessels. The 10kW Marine Generator incorporates advanced noise reduction and vibration isolation technologies, ensuring quiet and smooth operation. This provides a comfortable environment for passengers and crew while minimizing disturbance to marine life.


5. Versatile Applications:
The 10kW Marine Generator is suitable for a wide range of marine applications, including commercial vessels, yachts, fishing boats, and more. Its versatile design and robust performance make it an ideal power solution for various on-board systems, such as lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, navigation equipment, and more.


6. Reliable Performance and Durability:
Built with high-quality components and robust construction, the 10kW Marine Generator guarantees reliable performance and long-lasting durability. It is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring dependable power generation even in demanding conditions.


7. Easy Maintenance and Serviceability:
Hosem Power prioritizes user convenience and ease of maintenance. The 10kW Marine Generator is designed with accessible service points, allowing for easy maintenance and routine inspections. This ensures minimum downtime and efficient servicing, reducing operational costs and maximizing productivity.


Hosem Power's 10kW Marine Generator with the Yanmar 3TNV88-GGE engine is set to revolutionize power generation on marine vessels. With its fuel efficiency, compact size, and reliable performance, it offers an exceptional solution for the demanding needs of the marine industry.


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About Hosem Power:
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