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Technical Standards for Application of 250kW Silent Generator Set

December 31, 2020

Latest company news about Technical Standards for Application of 250kW Silent Generator Set

Technical Standards for Application of 250kW to 3200kW Silent Generator Set


1. Normative references: 

GB/T 2819-------Mobile electric power plant,general specification for.

GB/T 29328-----Specific configuration of power supply and self-emergency power supply for important power users.

GB/T 4712-------Requirements of classification for automatic diesel generating set.

GB/T 12786-----General specification for automatic electric power plant with internal combustion engines.

GB/T 2820.1----Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets-Part 1: Application, ratings and performance.

ISO 8528-1------Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets-Part 1: Application, ratings and performance, IDT.

GB/T 755--------Rotating electrical machines-Rating and performance.

IEC 60034-1----Rotating electrical machines-Part 1: Rating and performance. IDT.

Technical Standards for Application of 250kW to 3200kW Silent Generator Set

2. Terms and definitions
A. Rated output power

It is available for an unlimited number of annual hours in variable load application, in accordance with GB/T2820-97 (eqv ISO8528); a 10% overload capability is avaiable for a period of 1 hour with a 12-hours period of operation.


B Continuous working power
It refers to the non-stop power generation of the generator, generally refers to the continuous power generation for more than 12 hours. The longer the generator set runs, the more power will drop.


C. Standby power

The standby output is applicable for supplying emergency power for duration of a utility power interruption. No overlad, utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capability is available at this rating.


3. Working conditions
A. Power supply object of generator set:
Silent diesel generator set is used as an emergency backup power source. When the mains power is cut off, it is mainly used for automatic warehouse production. The automatic warehouse has an installed capacity of 450kW and an operating load of about 200kW. Cummins generator is also used as a fire-fighting backup power source for fire-fighting water pumps and fire-resistant rolling doors, with an operating load of 130kW.


B. The connection scheme of the generator set and the power distribution system of the plant area:
The generator is installed outside the power distribution room of the plant and is connected to the power distribution system of the plant through the control panel. The connecting cable adopts YJV22 0.6/1kV 3×120+2×70. For details, please refer to "Generator Wiring System Diagram"


C. Installation location and method of generator set:
For details, please refer to "Generator Installation Plan"


D. Diesel generator set local working natural environmental conditions: the following table: 

No. index Data
1 Average annual temperature 19.4℃
2 Extreme maximum temperature 41.2℃
3 Extreme minimum temperature -6.0℃
4 Average maximum temperature in the hottest month 34.6℃
5 Average minimum temperature of the coldest month -4.7℃
6 Summer air conditioning outdoor calculation of wet bulb temperature 27.1℃
7 Annual average air pressure 100.01kPa
8 Average summer pressure 99.09kPa
9 Average winter pressure 100.84kPa
10 The average outdoor relative humidity of the hottest month 70%
11 Calculate the relative humidity outside the air conditioning in winter 75%
12 Average annual total precipitation 1434.3mm
13 Annual average outdoor wind speed 2.0m/s
14 Average outdoor wind speed in summer 2.0m/s
15 Average outdoor wind speed in winter 2.1m/s
16 Most wind direction and frequency throughout the year N 25%
17 Maximum snow depth 13cm
18 Annual average sunshine hours 1866.6h
19 Annual average number of thunderstorm days 67.4d
20 Seismic intensity Level 6




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