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What's Role of Diesel Generator Coolant Liquid?

August 12, 2022

Latest company news about What's Role of Diesel Generator Coolant Liquid?

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Coolant is an important part of diesel generator maintenance parts. During the operation of the diesel generator set, the diesel combustion will cause the temperature of the diesel engine to rise sharply. In the high-temperature environment, not only will affect the improvement of diesel generator efficiency, but also will lead to the occurrence of parts failure. Based on this, we need to cool the heated part, which involves adding coolant to the diesel engine cooling system. What is the effect of coolant on the operation of diesel generator sets?


1. Antifreeze 


If the temperature is too low, the diesel engine's cooling system will not be damaged by icing. Generally speaking, the antifreeze temperature of the commonly used coolant is between minus 20 degrees and 45 degrees, which should be reasonably selected according to the actual needs of different areas.


2. Anti-boiling 


At high temperatures, it is guaranteed not to boil prematurely. The boiling point of the commonly used coolant is between 104 and 108 degrees. When the coolant is added to the cooling system and pressure is generated, the boiling point is higher.



3. Anti-corrosion 


Dedicated coolants can reduce corrosion in cooling systems, thereby avoiding water leakage problems caused by corrosion.


4, rust prevention 


A high-quality coolant can avoid rust in the cooling system. Once the cooling system rusts, it will cause accelerated wear and reduce heat transfer efficiency.


5. Anti-scale 


Since the coolant uses deionized water, it can avoid scaling and precipitation and achieve the purpose of protecting the engine.

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