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Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption / Calculation Formula and Fuel Saving Approach

March 26, 2024

Latest company news about Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption / Calculation Formula and Fuel Saving Approach


How to Calculate the Generator Fuel Consumption?


The formula to calculate diesel generator fuel consumption is:


Fuel consuption formula




- Fuel Consumption (L/h) is the amount of diesel fuel consumed per hour by the generator (in liters).

- Generator Output (kW) is the power output of the generator (in kilowatts).

- Fuel Consumption (g/kWh) is the fuel consumption rate of the engine, typically provided in grams per kilowatt-hour.


- Density of Diesel (g/mL) is the density of diesel fuel, usually around 0.85 to 0.86 grams per milliliter.



How can we optimize the fuel consumption efficiency of our generators?


fuel consumption is essential for optimal generator performance. To reduce fuel usage and ensure your generator operates at its best, consider these steps:


1. Regular Maintenance: Professional servicing by experts is crucial to keep your generator in top condition. Regular maintenance can identify and fix issues that cause stress on the generator, leading to increased fuel consumption. Using genuine spare parts from reliable suppliers during repairs is vital to maintain the generator's integrity.


2. Carbon Deposits Removal: Over time, carbon deposits can accumulate on various engine components, affecting combustion efficiency. This buildup often results in increased fuel consumption and black smoke emissions. Cleaning these components with gentle chemical detergents or manual washing can significantly reduce fuel usage. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines or seek advice from professionals for proper cleaning techniques.


3. Coolant Temperature Maintenance: Correct coolant temperature is vital for efficient generator operation. Diesel generators use water as a coolant, and maintaining the right temperature is essential for proper engine cooling. Incorrect temperatures can lead to incomplete combustion, ultimately increasing fuel consumption. Regularly monitor and maintain the coolant temperature to ensure optimal generator performance."

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